Make the most out of the Ise-Shima area during your stay!

The Ise-Shima area has a lot to show you such as…
“Ise-Jingu Shrine”, an eternal history of our indeginous spirits lives.
“Toba Aquarium”, one of the best aquariums in Japan.
“Ago Bay”, dynamic nature and an unique ecosystem has grown.
Ise-Shima as a whole is an attractive spot to enjoy.



1558-5 Uramuracho, Toba, Mie 517-0025

【Google Map(Anchor.)】
*When you come to Anchor., please copy and paste “Anchor.漁師の貸切アジト” on Google Map as the address may not be shown correctly if you type it only in English.

●35 minutes by car to Ise-Jingu Shrine
●135 minutes by car from Nagoya
●3 hours by car from Osaka
●2.5 hours by car from Kyoto

There are parking spaces in front of Anchor. (approx. 5 cars)
*If the parking is full, we will show you another space a minute away from Anchor.


There are onsen (hot spring) facilities nearby Anchor.
Enjoy a Japanese style of bathing to ease your body from a long trip before/after or even during your stay.


About 3 minutes by car from Anchor. You can enjoy a luxurious time at the hot springs of a luxury inn.
※A discount ticket is required to use at half price. If you wish, please be sure to inform the Anchor. Staff in advance.


【Price(*special price for Anchor. guests)】
Adult: ¥1,100 / Child: ¥550
(Regular price – Adult:¥2,200 / Child: ¥550)

●Bath towel


About 8 minutes by car from Anchor. You can enjoy a bath with a panoramic view of the sea of ​​Toba.
* Currently, the use of day trip bathing is closed. It is said that the resumption time is undecided, so please contact ShinPachiya directly when using it.


Adult: ¥800 / Child: ¥400

●Bath towel



TOBA Marche – 鳥羽マルシェ –
【Approx. 19 mins drive from Anchor.】

Souvenir shop selling many kinds of freshly caught local seafood located near JR Toba station.

TOBA Aquarium – 鳥羽水族館 –
【Approx. 17 mins drive from Anchor.】

One of the must go sightseeing spots in Ise-Shima area. There is a dugong in this aquarium which can only be seen here out of all aquariums in Japan.

YOKOYAMA Observatory deck – 横山展望台 –
【Approx. 37 mins drive from Anchor.】

A breathtaking view of the whole Ise-Shima area from the observation deck on top of the hill.

ISE JINGU Shrine – 伊勢神宮 –
【Approx. 40 mins drive from Anchor.】

It is popular and well-known amongst shrines in Japan.
Even just walking through the sacred shrine precinct makes you feel so special and spiritual.

OKAGE YOKOCHO alley – おかげ横町 –
【Approx. 40 mins drive from Anchor.】

A shopping alley nearby Ise-Jingu shrine selling many local foods and a wide range of souvenirs.

FUTAMI-OKITAMA Shrine (the Wedded Rocks) – 伊勢二見 夫婦岩 –
【Approx. 31 mins drive from Anchor.】

A symbolic pair of the wedded rocks with a Shimenawa rope hanging each other sitting on the edge of the peninsula has been the object of worship since old days.

Toba city gymnastics hall – 鳥羽市民体育館 –
【Approx. 16 mins drive from Anchor.】

A large size sports hall can be used for many purposes such as sport events and conferences etc.

Toba Sea-folk Museum – 海の博物館 –
【Approx. 4 mins drive from Anchor.】

This facility is a great spot to learn about how Toba became successful as a fishing town such as history, tradition, cultures and more.

MIKIMOTO Pearl Museum – ミキモト真珠島 –
【Approx. 19 mins drive from Anchor.】

The world famous MIKIMOTO brand was born here by the king of pearl Kouichi Mikimoto who succeeded at cultivating pearls.
We can learn everything about Mikimoto Pearl here.



Oyster farm by Yamazen-Suisan – オイスターファーム 山善水産 –
【Approx. 20 sec walk from Anchor.】

Not even a minute walk from Anchor. Oyster farm serves you fresh local oysters.
From November to March is the right season for oyster.
Try here if you want unlimited oysters!

Takashimaru Kakikko – 孝志丸 かきっこ –
【Approx. 8 mins drive from Anchor.】

This local restaurant is a right choice for those who want to try a variety of local foods, not just oysters (can be ordered from one piece) but also other seafoods so everyone can enjoy the meal.

KUROSHIO Pearl Road branch – 海の駅 黒潮 パールロード店 –
【Approx. 8 mins drive from Anchor.】

A popular eatery for fresh Ise-Shima seafood is KUROSHIO. One of the popular dishes, a fresh seafood bowl has a variety of seafoods on top, which makes you full with the joy of trying different kinds of seafood.

Kitchen TAKAMA – キッチンたかま –
【Approx. 19 mins drive from Anchor.】

This nostalgic cafe is well-known for the extremely large sized food on the menu.
Food fighters, just try! Light eaters, make sure to say “Make it small, please”

Sazanami – 漣 鳥羽店 –
【Approx. 20 mins drive from Anchor.】

A fried prawn is the iconic dish of this restaurant. Large size prawns with a tartar sauce brings you to heaven. They also serve a good list of wines that go well with seafood dishes.

Ajino-Kyube – 味の久兵衛 –
【Approx. 20 mins drive from Anchor.】

If you are a fan of Izakaya style restaurants, this is for you. If you haven’t been to one, try this Japanese style localised pub. You can come here as a second round even after dinner somewhere else.


For the purpose of keeping the record, please send an email through “Contact”.
The contact number will be announced when your reservation is confirmed.

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